Last Amended: 4/13/2017
ARTICLE I – Definition and Purpose
This caucus comprises of Republican party members, supporters of the Republican party, conservative voters, and other citizens of the United States who wish to participate in politics.The caucus wishes to promote ideals and values seen as beneficial to the American public as determined by the California Republican Caucus. It shall promote business activities that are related to the maintenance of a free America with a strong economy. It shall engage with politicians, law enforcement, business leaders and others that are aligned with its goals.
ARTICLE II – Membership
Anyone is eligible for membership in the caucus regardless of political party affiliation.Businesses and professional clubs may hold membership in the caucus.Elected officials may be members.Those facing financial difficulties may have their fees waived as determined by the Chairman and financial committee.The California Repubican Caucus is prohibited from discriminating on the ground of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or economic status.
ARTICLE III – Meetings
Regular meetings of the entire California Republican Caucus will be held at the discretion of the board and officers.Special meetings of the California Republican Caucus may be called:a. Upon call of the Caucus Chairpersonb. Upon call of the Chairperson, who shall call a special meeting within 15 days immediatelyc. Upon the call of the Caucus board with the approval of the ChairmanAll meetings shall be conducted in compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order except as otherwise provided in these bylaws as interpreted by the board, or by the Chairperson.The annual convention will be a meeting determined by the board with approval from the chairman.
ARTICLE IV – OfficersOfficers of this caucus shall be a:
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Second Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
Any member of the California Republican Caucus may be eligible to serve as an officer.
ARTICLE V – Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the California Republican Caucus shall be composed of all Officers of the Caucus as stated per Article I, the Parliamentarian and no more than seven at-large members.The at-large members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Chair, with the advice and consent of a majority of the executive committee and shall have the duty and responsibility to ensure that all meetings are orderly and run in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and with these By-laws.Chairpersons of all standing committees shall be appointed by the chairperson of the Caucus, with the advice and consent of a majority of the Executive Committee.The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are: a. To exercise general supervisory and administrative authority over the California Republican Caucus.To confirm nominations made by the Chairperson for the offices of Parliamentarian and for chairs of all standing Committees or of any special committees which the Chairperson may deem necessary from time to time in the execution or implementation of his/her administrative program for the interest, betterment, improvement, growth and/or advancement of the California Republican Caucus or the causes which the Caucus espouses, promotes or supports.To formulate and implement the plans, programs and agenda for the operation, functioning, work and service of the California Republican Caucus, both for the California Republican Party and the Business and Professional Community which the Caucus is dedicated to serve.
ARTICLE VI – Officers
The Caucus Chairperson shall be the principal executive officer and the official spokesperson of and for the Caucus. The Chairperson shall carry out the policies of the Caucus and shall perform the actions necessary and reasonable to effectuate the purposes of the Caucus.The Caucus Vice Chairs shall do all things that are necessary to aid and assist the Chairperson in the performance of his/her duties and, in the absence of the Chairperson, assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson. One Caucus Vice Chair must be from Northern California and the other Vice Chair must be from Southern California. The First Vice Chair shall be from the opposite region of the Caucus Chairperson.The Treasurer shall collect and account for the receipt and transmission of funds as required by the CDP Bylaws.The Secretary shall maintain all records of the Caucus, serve all required notices, and discharge all such duties as pertain to the office of Secretary. The Secretary shall send minutes and meeting notices to .all. members n writing within 45 days after a meeting is held.
ARTICLE VII – Officers
All elective officers shall be elected at the annual convention of the California Republican Caucus.All elective officers shall be elected by a simple majority of the members present and voting at the election meeting.All candidates or office must be duly credentialed members of the California Republican Party, Democratic Party, or other official political party in the state of California.All candidates for Caucus Chair must have been members of this Caucus for the last three meetings prior to, at, the election meeting and all officer candidates must be members in good standing of the organization at the time of election.
ARTICLE VIII – Term of Office
The term of office for all officers shall be two years from the time of election and installation, unless otherwise provided in these By-laws
ARTICLE IX – Vacant Office
Vacancy in any office, except Chair, shall be filled by special election only in cases where the unexpired term in question exceeds six months. In cases where the unexpired term equals six months or less, a vacancy in the office of Chairperson shall be filled by the Vice-Chairperson, and vacancies in all other offices shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee with advice and consent of a voting majority at the next succeeding Caucus session. In the event the Caucus Chairperson position becomes vacant before the end of their term, then the First Vice Chair shall automatically ascend to become Chair.
ARTICLE X – Voting
Section 1. Voting shall be in person only.Section 2. Voting for the election of officers shall not be by written secret ballot.
ARTICLE XI – Removal from Office or Membership
Section 1. An officer of the California Republican Caucus may be removed by cause by the following procedure: Written charges of malfeasance, nonfeasance, and or misfeasance, brought by no fewer than 10 members of the Caucus, shall be submitted to the Secretary, who will notify the accused officer, and all members of the Executive Committee, of the charges. The Committee shall then determine whether the charges and the evidence supporting the charges are sufficient to justify proceedings against the officer. Section 2. If the Executive Committee finds, after a review, study and evaluation of the evidence, that the evidence is insufficient to warrant or justify proceedings, the charges shall be dismissed by the Executive Committee. Section 3. If the Executive Committee finds, after a review, study and evaluation of the evidence, that the evidence is sufficient to warrant or justify proceedings against the accused officer, the Executive Committee shall hold a hearing, after due and timely notice, or appoint a hearing committee to conduct a fact-finding hearing of the charges and the written response of the accused, and to report its findings to the Executive Committee at its next regular or special meeting. Witnesses for both the accuser and the accused may give testimony at the hearing. After submission of all the evidence and proper deliberations thereon, the hearing committee will make its findings of fact and submit them, together with its recommendations, to the Executive Committee for ultimate resolution of the dispute. Section 4. A two-thirds vote of those Executive members present and voting shall be required to punish or remove from office the officer charged. Section 5. If either party to the dispute is unhappy or dissatisfied with the resolution of the dispute by the Executive Committee, he/she may appeal the decision of the Executive Committee to the full Business and Professional Caucus at its next regular or special session. Section 6. If the decision of the Executive Committee is appealed to the full Caucus, a two-thirds vote of those Caucus members present and voting shall be required to overrule the decision of the Executive Committee. No further appeal can or may be made from the decision of the Caucus in such matters.
Section 1. One fully accredited members of the California Republican Caucus shall constitute a quorum when meeting in conjunction with the Chairman.Section 2. For any other meeting of the Caucus, a quorum shall be 1 or 2 fully accredited members plus the Chairman.
Section 1. The annual membership dues of the California Republican Caucus shall be $20. Any member who fails to pay the prescribed dues may have their membership rescinded from the Caucus, except that payment of dues shall not be obligatory for any member to whom it constitutes an economic hardship.Section 2. Annual membership dues for duly elected Republicans to Public Office in the State of California shall be $40 per year.Section 3. Affiliated Business and Professional Clubs or Organizations will pay $100 annual affiliation dues which will entitle them to appoint 5 members to this Caucus in accordance with Section 1.Section 4. Individuals seeking a lifetime membership shall pay $500 for such status.
ARTICLE XIV- Standing Committees
Section I. There shall be a standing committee on Bylaws, which shall be known as the Bylaws and Revision Committee, whose function, duty and responsibilities shall be to write and prepare proposed amendments and revisions to these Bylaws. The committee shall consist of the officers of the Caucus and/or any other members appointed by the Caucus Chairperson.Section 2. There shall be a standing committee on membership whose responsibility shall be to promote and solicit membership cards and maintain application forms on credentialed and associate members.Section 3. The Executive Committee shall have the right to form other such committees as it may deem reasonably necessary to assist in the functioning of the caucus.Section 3. The Chairperson of the California Republican Caucus shall be an ex-officio of every standing committee and of any and every special committee of the Caucus. Each standing committee shall meet at the regularly scheduled California Republican Caucus meeting or at the call of its chairperson.
ARTICLE XV – Resolutions, Proposals, and Endorsements
Only those resolutions presented in writing by members of the California Republican Caucus will be considered for adoption by the Caucus.
ARTICLE XVI – Amendments
Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended by any member at a meeting of the full California Republican Caucus subject to a two-thirds majority of the Caucus members present and voting. Any bylaw amendment proposed by the unanimous support of the Executive Committee may be amended by a simple majority or 50 percent, plus 1 vote of those members presentSection 2. Proposed amendments must be submitted to, and received by the Secretary of the Caucus not less than one month prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted on.Section 3. Copies of any proposed amendments must be communicated to each member of the Caucus at least 15 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted on.
ARTICLE XVII – Effective Date of Amended Bylaws
Amendments to these Bylaws shall become effective immediately upon their adoption by the California Republican Caucus.