Donate to the Republican War Readiness Fund

America is being threatened by its enemies both at home and overseas.
Terrorist groups such as ISIS have decided to make war with Americans and the American way of life. North Korea too finds the hard working citizens of this country impossible to be peaceful with. In addition to the many enemies we have abroad, at home we are threatened by domestic terrorists who seek to cause chaos, confusion, and disruption at all levels.
Now you can help directly with your contribution. The War Readiness Fund goes towards fighting dangers that potentially harm you and your family. While the military is overseas fighting conventional wars with other nations, this initiative goes to paying for civilians to be ready to fight in every way that they can at home.
Some of the measures paid for by the War Readiness Fund:
– Establishing of think tanks for potential conflicts – Education of civilians on domestic warfare – Counterterrorism by a governments and people coalition – Exercises in the event of an attack on American soil – Identifying threats pre-emptively before they happen
Support our troops by becoming a citizen soldier. Stop terror right now so that we may no longer be afraid. Be ready for war.

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