Defeating the Democrats with Real Criticism Instead of Fascist Garbage

The California Democratic Party is openly corrupt. It’s a party whose leaders pretend to care about social justice and working-class Americans, all while taking bribes from giant corporations and the ultra-wealthy. It should lose every election because that level of corruption is easy for voters to see. The Democrats shouldn’t be able to hide from it.

And so, how does this corrupt organization defeat the California Republican Party again and again?

To answer that question, we have to look at how Republicans speak about our ideals and how we can best criticize the ruling Democrats in Sacramento.

A Better Republican Party

If your parents or grandparents were Republicans, they were members of a party that believed in opportunity, morality, and justice. The Republican Party didn’t used to be a cult.

Look up the 1960 Republican Party Platform, 1968 platform, or the 1976 platform, and see a stark difference with today’s language.

Republican policy firmly supports the right of employers and unions freely to enter into agreements providing for the union shop and other forms of union security as authorized by the Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947 (the Taft-Hartley Act ). Republican-sponsored legislation has supported the right of union members to full participation in the affairs of their union and their right to freedom from racketeering and gangster interference whether by labor or management in labor-management relations. Republican action has given to millions of American working men and women new or expanded protection and benefits, such as: Increased federal minimum wage; Extended coverage of unemployment insurance and the payment of additional temporary benefits provided in 1958-59; Improvement of veterans' re-employment rights;
Excerpt from 1960 Republican Party Platform

Organized labor has contributed greatly to the economic strength of our country and the well-being of its members. The Republican Party vigorously endorses its key role in our national life. We support an equitable minimum wage for American workers—one providing fair wages without unduly increasing unemployment among those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder—and will improve the Fair Labor Standards Act, with its important protections for employees. The forty-hour week adopted 30 years ago needs re-examination to determine whether or not a shorter work week, without loss of wages, would produce more jobs, increase productivity and stabilize prices. We strongly believe that the protection of individual liberty is the cornerstone of sound labor policy. Today, basic rights of some workers, guaranteed by law, are inadequately guarded against abuse. We will assure these rights through vigorous
Excerpt from 1968 Republican Party Platform

Women Women, who comprise a numerical majority of the population, have been denied a just portion of our nation's rights and opportunities. We reaffirm our pledge to work to eliminate discrimination in all areas for reasons of race, color, national origin, age, creed or sex and to enforce vigorously laws guaranteeing women equal rights.  The Republican Party reaffirms its support for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Our Party was the first national party to endorse the E.R.A. in 1940. We continue to believe its ratification is essential to insure equal rights for all Americans. In our 1972 Platform, the Republican Party recognized the great contributions women have made to society as homemakers and mothers, as contributors to the community through volunteer work, and as members of the labor force in careers. The Platform stated then, and repeats now, that the Republican Party "fully endorses the principle of equal rights, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities for women." The Equal Rights Amendment is the embodiment of this principle and therefore we support its swift ratification.
Excerpt from 1976 Republican Party Platform

Fascist con-artists like Donald Trump and Larry Elder would never be welcome in a party with ideals like that.

If you can stomach reading nazi proganda, you should try to get through a paragraph or two at random from the 2016/2020 national platform for the Republican Party. It’s horrific stuff. Just empty racist rhetoric on almost every line.

Taking on the Democrats with Better Ideas

Our party used to be able to talk about ideas and make good arguments — and win those arguments. And so, why aren’t we winning elections in California?

The California Democratic Party is easy to criticize. They’re a corrupt organization that is constantly selling-out regular people for bribes from the ultra-rich.

But here in California, we just went through a failed recall attempt that cost California taxpayers over 300 million dollars and did nothing to topple the Democratic Party’s control of our state.

Instead of a California Republican Party, well-organized and driven by a vision of improving the lives of working-class people, we’ve experienced a California Republican Party ran by talk-show hosts, rapists, and white supremacists. 

They’ve collected campaign contributions, put on a circus, and wasted our time and money. Worse than accomplishing nothing, they’ve promoted misinformation and spread deadly disease among their followers.

These liars, mostly funded by the same people who fund the Democrats, wasted an opportunity to hold a bad governor to account for his poor management of our state.

If we stop listening to the talk-show hosts, we can see clearly how to really discuss the problems in our state:

Real criticism Fake argument from corporate television meant to make Republicans look stupid
Gavin Newsom’s inaction against COVID has led to the deaths of over 67,000 Californians. Masks are itchy, and Gavin Newsom asking us politely to wear masks hurts our freedom.
The Democrats boycotted the election of a potential replacement for Newsom — told people not to run in the recall election and told voters to leave the ballot blank. This complete affront to the rule of law and to democracy is similar to the Taliban boycott of elections in Afghanistan. Even though elections in California are open to public inspection and are ran by bipartisan and non-partisan officials under the watchful eye of each political party and candidate, we think elections are rigged without any evidence whatsoever.
Gavin Newsom has cut taxes for the wealthy, his friends and family, and raised taxes for working-class Californians. We want “pro-growth” tax policies — which is a made-up word, like “fairy-dust” but even more fictional and empty.
Gavin Newsom vetoed bills to allow for ranked choice voting in California cities, civics education in high schools, and 1st amendment protection from police violence for reporters covering protests. When we lose elections, it’s because they’re rigged by space aliens / mexico / the illuminati, and not because we’re running on unpopular ideas mixed with racism. We want to make elections worse, with fewer voters.
Gavin Newsom has worked to increase police funding when we should be looking to disarm, defund, and disband bad police departments. The murder rate will go up if we don’t give badges and guns and ridiculously high government paychecks to a bunch of unqualified racists.
Gavin Newsom vetoed the creation of a right to housing. Homelessness continues to go up alongside rising prices for housing. The Democrats keep taking bribes from the ultra-wealthy corporate landlords to keep this trend going. The corruption is unending. Poor people can’t afford houses because they haven’t worked as hard as the people who were born rich. Homelessness is caused by moral failings… I mean, moral failings of the homeless, not of the wealthy who do nothing to help.
Despite the ongoing crisis caused by climate change, Gavin Newsom and the Democrats keep approving fossil fuel extraction permits. They’re getting rich off of killing us — taking bribes directly from the fossil fuel industry. Climate change isn’t real. Science isn’t real. The only people telling the truth are Chevron and Exxon — we trust them with our lives and the lives of our children.
We’re in a drought caused by climate change. Gavin Newsom has taken millions of dollars in bribes from the almond industry. Instead of shutting down wasteful production of almonds, Newsom and the Democrats have called on individuals to “shower less.” It’s obvious that whoever pays Newsom the most in bribes will get the water they want. There is no such thing as climate change. Our water rightfully belongs to giant corporations. Newsom and the democrats aren’t taking enough bribes. If we were in power, we’d make sure the almond growers got even more water.

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